This is us. These are all the illustrators that have participated in the 21wallpaper project. Note – these illustrations aren’t available for download anymore, so follow us to never miss a chance to get amazing artworks for your screens!

Be featured

If you feel your work fits here tag us on Instagram or use a hashtag #21wallpaper. For those who are not so social drop us a message.

Batch No. 8

Laurie Rowan

Carmela Caldart

Francesco Ciccolella

Gianmarco Magnani

Mikyung Lee

Pavel Fuksa

Sam Rowe

Batch No. 7

Kristen Meyer

Karin Soderquist

Sofiya Aiva

Timo Kuilder

Katty Huertas

Peter Phobia

John Larigakis

Batch No. 6

Clemence Gouy

Mark Conlan


Alex Tait

Horacio Camacho

Calvin Sprague

Fran Labuschagne

Batch No. 5

Sue Doeksen

Cecilia Castelli

Alberto Miranda

Shyama Golden


Tomasz Wozniakowski

Gaia Stella

Visual Playground – Special Guest

Batch No. 4

Audrey Lee

Eleonora Arosio

Jenice Kim

Kelly Knaga

Klaus Kremmerz

Sebastian Schwamm

Spencer Wilson

Fernando Cobelo – Special Guest

Jordan Metcalf – Special Guest

Batch No. 3

Alex Kiesling

Christopher DeLorenzo

Justyna Stasik

Levi Jacobs

Michele Marconi

Ryan Chapman

Thomas Hedger

Martin Azambuja – Special Guest

Tommy Parker – Special Guest

Batch No. 2

Xoana Herrera

Sebastian Curi

Sarah Beth Morgan – Special Guest

Matt Murphy

Henn Kim

Libby VanderPloeg

Giacomo Bagnara

Benedikt Luft

Batch No. 1

Sergi Delgado

Ryan Putnam

Roberts Rūrāns

Marylou Faure

Leo Natsume

Malika Favre – Special Guest

Kati Szilagyi

Atelier Bebop